Our Organization


To foster a healthy and viable economy in the Albany-Millersburg area.


Incorporated in 1982 as a non-profit economic development organization, AMEDC has a 24 member board of directors who represent a diversified public/private sector from both communities. Established by the vision of community leaders interested in strengthening a stagnating economy, AMEDC has been instrumental in the creation of over 1800 direct jobs by 51 existing and new Albany-Millersburg industrial companies. John Pascone has served as President for the past 11 years and continues to work hard to build and maintain the economy of our community.


Services Provided

AMEDC serves as the central point of contact for businesses interested in locating or expanding in the Albany and Millersburg area, and/or needing business development assistance. Serving as the liaison to business, AMEDC works with businesses as they require. Access to permitting agencies at both the local and state levels provides business advocacy, demographic data, utility regulations, tariff data, industrial site information and participates in local, regional, and state programs and meetings as they impact the industrial community.